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Most men experience bumps, burns, redness, and irritation during or after their shave. The problem is not with the skin, but with the kind of products men use. That is why it is advised to use only the perfect soap in mastering the art of shaving. The Geo F Trumper Coconut Oil Shaving Soap Refill perfectly fits in Trumper's elegant wooden container. It contains a compound known as glycerin, which hydrates your face and gives your blade a smooth glide, preventing abrasions and bumps. The power of coconut oil to fight against various infections mainly caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses is also infused in this product. It also has beneficial antioxidant components. These natural antioxidants protect the cells from damage due to free radicals. Dryness prevention, nourishment for both normal and sensitive skin, and protection from cell damage ' these properties will surely leave your face soft, smooth and flawless.

Size: 80g

Made in England