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  • Tangy fragrance of fresh limes
  • Evokes the scent of summertime
  • Packaged in a 200ml travel bottle for convenience

It is said that the sense of smell is a strong stimuli in retrieving and creating memories. That being said, you should always be mindful of your scent. You need a clean and distinct fragrance that can trigger fond memories in a single whiff. The Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Cologne, 200ml travel bottle has a real lime smell that creates a seamless dream wherein you can reminisce the warm summer months with a refreshing cold glass of lemonade.

On special occasions, its distinct, sweet, zesty scent is magnificent in creating new unforgettable memories. Let your date and others around you bask in the unforgettable tangy fragrance. Other than being excellent in radiating a summer's bliss with its aroma, it is also travel friendly which means you can spritz a little on yourself wherever you go.

Size: 200ml

Made in England

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