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It's not just us who need food, our skin needs it, too! Just like any living thing, it also needs nourishment in order to survive. The Geo F Trumper Extract of West Indian Limes Skin Food is perfect for soothing your face, before or after you shave. Pop open a bottle and smell the aroma of a fresh and subtle lime made from West Indian limes extract. Massage this before shaving to soften hair bristles and prepare it for the deed. Since it contains glycerin, your razor can glide more easily because of its smoothing and hydrating effect. You can dab on this refreshing product even after shaving, to leave protection and a soothing sensation that lasts. It is non-oily, so it will surely give you a smooth face without dryness or clogging of pores. Feed your skin with the care and nourishment it deserves, soothe yourself with this wonder product now!

Size: 100ml

Made in England