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A powdery floral scent perfect for a day packed with activity. Whether you are a top notch athlete who just finished his training in the gym or an executive preparing for a long day at work, the Geo F. Trumper Talcum Powder is the ideal companion for you. Imagine two scenarios. First, you've just finished training, and sweat is just pouring down all over your body when you realize that you have another engagement coming. Second, imagine that you just woke up and prepared everything to look fresh and smell good for today's work; however, when go down to the streets you are greeted by hot humid weather which would result to profuse sweating negating all your preparations. The modern gentleman knows this dilemma and understands that it is embarrassing to show up drenched in sweat with a hint of body odor. Talcum powder with its moisture absorbent properties has long been used as an effective way to reduce sweating. The amazing abilities of talcum powder coupled with the unique formulation Geo F. Trumper creates a moisture absorbing product that gives out a refreshing powdery floral aroma. Don't let yourself bathe in unwanted body odor... Feel fresh and comfortable with the help of this product!

Size: 100g

Made in England