Get Out of the Cold and Warm Up

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We don't get much snow down here in Southern California, but we do know that other parts of the country are getting a lot of snow this winter. I want to send a little warmth your way by telling you about the new BeautyPro Hot Towel Steamer. This steamer will get up to six towels hot in mintues. It's compact and energy efficent. You can use one, two...or why not all six towels at once? Or, even add some of our own West Coast branded towels to get a more custom experience. Either way, this is the perfect way to warm up from a winter chill while you prep for another B.B.S. shave (that's Baby Butt Smooth Shave, for all of you new to the wet shaving lingo!).

BeautyPro Steamer

BeautyPro Hot Towel Steamer Kit

Your Price: $96.00

WCS Towel

Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, WCS Logo

Your Price: $7.49

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