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Can you imagine starting off your morning with a shave that's closer than close, and smelling like a fresh breeze all day long? If that sounds appealing to you, then we encourage you to try out this rich-lathering soap. It won't disappoint you, and it certainly won't disappoint the people who are close to you!

Just grab your brush and lather up, for a superior experience using this Gold Dachs Shaving Soap, Sport that's manufactured in accordance with European standards. Then get ready to face the world, feeling refreshed and smelling great.

If you know another wet shave aficionado, why not be a generous fellow and make him a gift of this outstanding soap? No reason why you should have all the fun! If Dad's been using the same product since before you were even born, switch it up for him on Father's Day or his birthday ' he'll thank you for it! Beats another tie, at any rate.

Size: 75g each; 59 mm diameter X 22 mm height

Made in Austria.