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Gold Dachs Aftershave & Shave Soap

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Gold Dachs Aftershave & Shave Soap Reviews
Golddachs soap
Gold Dachs Rivivage Shaving Soap Refill, 2-pak Not cheap, but the refill acceptable. Does provide an outstanding creamy, lubricating lather. Close to Haslinger, but nicer smell.
This product is amazing!
Good product for the price
Gold Dachs Shaving Soap 60g, Classic "Good product for the price
Terrific aftershave. Scent to die for.
Gold Dachs Pflege Shaving Tonic "This has become my favorite aftershave. I use it sparingly because it's not easy to find. The entire Gold Dachs line is superb, and each product has a scent that sets it apart from everyhting else.
Gold Dachs Shaving Soap 60g, Classic.I've only tried a few soaps, at best, and will stick with this one. works great; lasts a long time; and, seems like a good value.
Great Soap
Gold Dachs Shaving Soap 60g, Classic.I love this shaving soap. I get this stuff ever year in my stocking at Christmas from Santa. This soap smells manly and works well.
So far my favorite performing soap
Gold Dachs Shaving Soap 60g, Sandalwood.So far, this has been my favorite performing soap. I understand everybody's face and their locality is different from mine, so here is why I liked the soap: 1. I have "T Zone" skin type which means my cheeks get dry. This soap has been the most hydrating of all soaps I've used so far. I haven't used a whole lot of soaps at my 2 year mark of wet shaving, but this is where I'm at so far. 2. I live in Houston and we have hard water. This soap performs better than any other soap I've used AND it's hard water friendly. Big plus for me. 3. Offers the best protection I've experienced so far. I rotate between a Fatboy and Super Adjustable with Feather blades. Doesn't go on too thick but provides massive cushion. The one drawback, for me, is the scent. It took me a few days to figure out what the smell reminded me of--a tool box. You know that scent of lubricants and general oil that all toolboxes have? That's the smell. Big deal, though.
I love this stuff!
Gold Dachs Bartwichse Hungarian Moustache Wax.I've been sporting a full Rollie Fingers handlebar mustache for about a year now. It's got some considerate length to it (About half an inch past my chin if I pull it down straight), and my facial hair can be a little extra wiry. So I've been experimenting with numerous waxes over the last year, trying to find something that has a good hold to it, and doesn't cake up in my stache while staying natural with the ingredients. This is the best product I've come across yet! It spreads very nicely, and has a very good, strong hold to it. It leaves my mustache looking nice and clean, without feeling like the hairs are stuck together. Another big plus is the smell! It's a very nice vanilla scent, that I think goes great with a lavender scented face moisturizer. I would suggest this wax to any serious mustache wearer.
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