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Hair Care

The hair on top of your head is just as important to us as what's on your face. That is why we offer a huge selection of grooming products specifically to tame your tresses.

Combs & Brushes
Combs & Brushes
Styling Products
Styling Products
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Hair Care Education

From brushes and combs, to shampoos and tonics, to gels, creams, and pomades for the perfect hairstyle, we've got something for every hair length, style, and type.

Combs & Brushes

You might be surprised to discover the difference a quality hair utensil can make. If you've been surviving on nearly disposable black, plastic, department store combs, then wake up to Kent, Chicago,and Acca Kappa. Made with quality materials like metal, natural bristles, and more, you get what you pay for in these grooming instruments. Better for your hair, better for you.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Choosing a cleanser for your hair is important. Look for quality ingredients. Avoid parabens, sulfates, and petroleum-based products that can damage your strands. Instead, look for natural ingredients for health and moisturizing. Some hair grooming essentials are enhanced with protein, additional moisturizing, and fabulous scents. We even carry shampoo bars which allow you to cleanse from head-to-toe with a long-lasting bar. Or deep cleaning shampoos to remove hair product without stripping your locks of their natural moisture.

Styling Products

We've excitedly been discovering new and unique brands, especially in the pomade department. Check out some of our favorite up-and-comers from The Iron Society, Brooklyn Grooming, and Imperial Barber Products. Of course, we have the classics like Dax, Layrite, and D.R. Harris, too.

  • Pomade - In general, this is a substance (water-based, greasy, or waxy) used to style hair. Originally it made the wearers hair shiny and took multiple washes to remove. Pomade is often used very frequently today to refer to any styling product.
  • Wax - This thick, hair-styling substance has been seeing a resurgence in popularity for its ability to hold all day and not dry out hair. The texture, consistency, and purpose can vary greatly by manufacturer.
  • Gel - Often water-based, this styling option washes out easier than oil or wax-based options. It usually drys hair into a stiff/spikey style with a nice amount of shine.
  • Lotion/Cream - These products provide light styling, additional moisture for dry hair, and stimulate and condition the scalp.

All of these styling aids vary in consistency (thick to thin), hold (light, medium, strong), and sheen (matte to shiny). There are so many options to try and more coming all the time!

Hair Care Reviews
Great looking comb, gets a
Cowboy Comb, Black Great looking comb, gets a lot of responces
Jeris Hair Tonic without Oil, 14oz good value, cant find product any where else around here.
Jeris Hair Tonic
Jeris Hair Tonic without Oil, 14oz Feels and smells wonderful! Reminds me of the barber shop I went to as a kid.
Extreme quality for ladies only
Kent LPB1 Large Cushion Paddle Brush, Floral, 13 Row, Ball Tip Quills Pattern was very lady like so gave it to wife she loves it, I use it on my head when no one is looking
Travel brush
Kent KFM4 Folding Brush Very compact and effective.
Tabac Hair Cream Excellent product works well in your hair.
Great Comb!
Kent 143mm Pocket Comb, Coarse/Fine Excellent performing comb. Comfortable, sturdy and attractive. Easy ordering with prompt delivery.
Really love this stuff
Pinaud Clubman Eau de Quinine Hair Tonic .I have been using Clubman's Eau de Quinine for years. I use it primarily because it helps to smooth my itchy scalp. I don't like using harsh anti dandruff shampoos (which tend to even dry my scalp more and end up causing even more itching). After using a mild natural shampoo (usually a bar type shampoo), I massage this hair tonic into my scalp. It is totally non-greasy, yet leave my hair with a very light control.I have fine hair and a heavy or oily tonic doesn't work for me.
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