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Haslinger of Austria has been in the business of making world-class shaving soaps since 1890. This tallow-based soap is lightly scented ' you'll find the marigold fragrance a refreshing change ' and it has superb lathering qualities. It's best used when placed in a bowl and then lathered up using a natural bristle brush.

Don't be selfish with this superior Haslinger Marigold Shaving Soap product ' it's great for stocking stuffers at Christmas time, or whenever a discerning man is deserving of a small gift, so you really should share it. We know that sometimes it can feel embarrassing, giving gifts to male friends, but a brusque 'Hey dude, I like this stuff, and I think you will too, so here, give it a try!' shouldn't be too cringe-worthy, should it?

Women might like to try this as well ' it's highly effective on leg and underarm hair, and besides, who doesn't love marigolds? Such happy-looking little flowers, aren't they?

Size: 60g; 59 mm diameter X 22 mm height

Made in Austria.