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Do you appreciate a hint of the outdoors in your shaving soap? If you do, we think you'll really appreciate this outstanding Haslinger Sage Shaving Soap with the fragrance of wild sage, brought to you by Haslinger of Austria ' they've been making superior products for well over a century. If you're not a stranger to wet shaving, you know the procedure ' just use this with a natural-bristle brush and lather up with water. Next to bacon and eggs, it's the best way to start off your morning! Well, okay, maybe it doesn't really come close to bacon, but it's way better than anything else.

This product will last a long time, but you don't want to run out ' so why not order an extra to keep on hand? We might also point out that these little discs fit perfectly in the toe of a Christmas stocking! Get one for every guy on your list!

Size: 60g; 59 mm diameter X 22 mm height

Made in Austria.