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Seaweed in a shaving soap? Hey, if you haven't tried it, don't knock it ' besides, we think the folks at Haslinger of Austria know what they're doing ' after all, they've been making world-class grooming products for men since 1890.

Seaweed is actually very beneficial to your skin, because it's known to improve elasticity and suppleness. So if your facial skin has been feeling a little tired and tight lately, then why not give this a try? You know the routine ' get yourself a natural-bristled brush, and make a lather using warm tap water. Now shave away, and enjoy the way your face feels so fresh and hydrated ' you're going to like this so much you'll be putting Rogaine on your face just so you can shave more often!

When your friends ask you how it is you're looking so good lately, you can tell them all about the nourishing benefits of Haslinger Seaweed Shaving Soap. Or not, if you'd rather have a leg up on the competition!

Size: 60g; 59 mm diameter X 22 mm height

Made in Austria.