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Hygiene Products

Everyone loves good hygiene -- at least, we hope you do! Our opinion is that if you have to brush your teeth and work to eliminate body odor each and every day, why not do it with the best products on the market?

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We offer top-of-the-line mouthwashes and toothpastes in some "toothsome" flavors, along with plenty of effective deodorants in lovely scents. Don't forget to check out our specialty toothbrushes while you're here. Not only do we offer some popular items, such as Acca Kappa, Marvis and Taylor of Old Bond Street, we try to bring you some hard to find international brands such as Botot, Couto and Speick.

Hygiene Products Reviews
Ogallala stick deodorant
Ogallala Bay Rum, Limes & Peppercorns Rum Stick Deodorant, 2.5 oz I like natural ingredients for my deodorant needs; this is a great product that really works. I’ve been using for 21 days and I am satisfied with its effectiveness.
Excellent service. CS responded professionaly
Geo F Trumper Roll-On Deodorant Excellent service. CS responded professionaly & quickly after I reported my original shipment of envelope opened with no product in it.

Thank you.
Works well and smells great
Tabac Deodorant Stick I use their shaving soap and aftershave lotion for years now and added the deodorant to give it a try. I do not notice any stinging like some other reviewers have said. Just the clean smell of Tabac and it definitely does a great job as a deodorant. Try it, You'll like it.
Amazing scent
D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick, 75g This is some of the best smelling deodorant out there. With a clean, refreshing, sophisticated scent, it reminds me of an English garden. Subtle undertones of woods and cedar make it decidedly masculine, yet a modern, up-to-date fragrance.

The only drawback is the high price, which is not a dig at WCS- it is expensive everywhere, and WCS’s prices are as competitive as anyone’s. That said, I like this deodorant so much that I bought two this time around- one for home and one for my locker at work.
Good Stuff
Ogallala Bay Rum Stick Deodorant, 2.5 oz I've used a few other "natural" deodorants before. Unfortunately, most have either let me down or the scent oils in them have irritated my skin. Not this stuff. It works, lasts all day and is gentle on my sensitive underarms. It is not however, an antiperspirant and it doesn't claim to be. So if you're looking to stay dry on a hot day, this is not the stuff you need.
I love the fresh scent and heavy texture.
D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick, 75g This D.R. Harris Windsor Deodorant Stick has a fresh scent: masculine peppered leather. Great stuff that has a heavy texture that lasts me much longer than many others, without the irritation or itchiness. Well worth the investment.
Geo F. Trumper Talcum Powder
Dab it on
Speick Deo Stick Don't go too heavy with it (you'll smell like cough medicine) and you'll find this is long-lasting and fresh-smelling, fading gradually. I like how it combines with my own scent but your chemistry may vary.
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