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Do you have sensitive skin? Imperial Barber Products Pre-shave Oil could turn out to be what you need to deal with it. It has essential oils in it, and it adds protection to your skin. Before you drag a blade across your face, preparing it makes sense; and if you have sensitivity issues, it can make all the difference. This oil has Vitamin E and other protective ingredients that can tame that inflammation and make sure you look great after you're done shaving, not like you groomed with cheap foam and a disposable razor.

When you tackle your beard, this product makes sure that you're not doing so in the harshest way possible. It can be used with another shaving product, or you can use it all on its own, the choice is up to you. You might even want to experiment a bit and see what gives you the best overall results. This product will work much better if you do yourself the favor of using good tools all around. There are creams that are designed to be used after you're done as well, and those might keep your face very healthy, even if you have major issues with irritation.

Size: 1 oz

Made in the USA.