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Institut Karite Shaving Cream & Shave Soap

Institut Karite Paris is a fantastic brand from France. These products are enriched with Shea Butter to add moisture and are the perfect formulation for that close shave. Featured in many popular magazines, this company has good press for a reason. The shaving cream and soap both produce a rich lather that protects while it also hydrates. The clean scent is fresh and not overly strong making them great shaving products for sensitive skin. They also have a light non-greasy balm that is gentle and alcohol free to sooth that smoothly freshly-shaven skin. The travel size creams are perfect for tossing in you dopp bag before that trip, too!

Institut Karite Shaving Cream
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Institut Karite Shaving Cream & Shave Soap Reviews
Worth every penny and more
Institut Karite Shaving Soap "This provides rich lather, excellent cushion. Very simple clean 'powder' scent. Moisturizing effect very helpful in cold weather months. Approach used: I soak the puck and brush in hot water in a bowl for a few minutes, drain, then viola, lathers easily. Only one item: This may leave a bit of build up on brush bristles. Rinsing brush thouroughly and presoaking the brush solves this. Very nice product. Puck is smallish but nicely milled to last for many a shave. This is going to stay in my rotation.
Institut Karite Shaving Soap I like the product selection. New to brush lather shaving after retiring and your products lather well smell good and are available. Thanks
Institut Karite Moisturizing After Shave Balm Great product to use after an after shave splash (such as Proraso's). It may look pricey but it can last for an year since just a small amount is needed for soothing the skin. The scent is understated and doesn't get in the way of a cologne if used.
Fantastic product
Institut Karite(IK) is the best
Institut Karite Shaving Soap.Institut Karite(IK) is the best shaving soap! Lathers readily, protects beautifully, clears easily from my shaving brush. Good clean scent, and not over-powering. I have tried many other soaps and creams over the 5 years that I have used IK and NOTHING else compares. Not even close. West Coast Shaving is great too. Easy website, outstanding customer service, fast delivery. Thank you very much!
Institut Karite Shaving Balm
Institut Karite Moisturizing After Shave Balm.First use of the balm. A little pricey up front but you get a ton and works very well if you use sparingly. With competitive pricing and free Astra Blades, What's not to like.
Awesome performance with a pleasant, if boring, scent
Institut Karite Shaving Soap.The moisturizing effect of this soap is second to none, including MWF, and it's as simple to lather as any soap as well. The scent is an inoffensive powdery/soapy aroma. Great product, one of my favorites.
Average and Basic
Institut Karite Moisturizing After Shave Balm.This is an after shave balm that needs to be used correctly to be effective. It should follow an AS splash or toner, not treated like it is one. If you apply it by itself, it won't be as effective. As a post-splash or post-toner moisturizer, it's not too bad. Although it's not as good as other products like Pre de Provence or Speick. It smells like baby powder or talc powder. It's creamy and feels good going on.
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