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Irisch Moos Long-Lasting Deodorant & After Shave

Irisch Moos Aftershave
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Irisch Moos Long-Lasting Deodorant & After Shave Reviews
My go to deodorant for a few years now
Irisch Moos Deodorant, 75ml Stick It works well, smells nice and is not so overpowering like all the drug store brands.
Have to agree with Moe
Irisch Moos After Shave Lotion (Splash), 100ml "This aftershave also reminds me of a smoother Irish Spring. This does not seem to be a dominant and outgoing aftershave. It seems to be an ideal aftershave for the time you don't need a strong or outgoing fragrance. After the first use in the morning, It just stays close and seems to fade by the late morning. It is somewhat pricey and I would have a hard time deciding to buy this aftershave again. However, I really enjoy the scent when it first goes on and the first few hours in the morning.
Very good deodorant.
Irisch Moos Deodorant, 75ml Stick I am a truck driver and I work long hours in the Phoenix sun. I can apply this deodorant at 6am and still catch the scent of it at 5pm or later. It does not cause any rashes or burning and it actually pairs well with the aftershave.
Top Tier After Shave
Irisch Moos After Shave Lotion (Splash), 100ml.Irisch Moos is a top of the line after shave both in fragrance and in how it makes the face feel after a shave. I've wanted a bottle for the longest time and now I'm quite happy I have one in my possession. It is used quite often.
Irisch Moos review
Irisch Moos After Shave Lotion (Splash), 100ml.Crisp, clean, and bracing but not overpowering afrteshave that leaves me feeling refreshed and energized.
My favorite
Irisch Moos Deodorant, 75ml Stick.Works well. Smells great.
Great Aftershave
Irisch Moos After Shave Lotion (Splash), 100ml.What can I say? I love it. As was mentioned before, the fragrance sort of has a hint of Irish Spring soap, only better. I will be buying another bottle of this in the future.
very good cream
Irisch Moos Shaving Cream, 100ml.I have heard people comparing this scent to irish spring soap. I dont find it smells like that, but I do find its a fresh clean scent. Very unique wit a rich lather and great performance
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