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  • Two-in-one cleanser and spa-like purifying mask
  • Washes away dirt and grime; scrubs off dead cells
  • Contains Vitamin E for moisturizing

Even a man's face needs a little love from time to time. So why not get a powerful two-in-one cleanser that doubles as a mask? The Jack Black Deep Dive' Glycolic Facial Cleanser is a single product that gives your skin the love it needs and deserves. Lather it on a moistened face and rinse off with water as it washes away the nasty dirt and grime from pollution, gently scrubs off dead cells, and cleans out your pores from excess oil and sebum. Or lather it on and leave it to dry for a spa-like purifying mask that, mind you, costs $40 in most reputable spas.

This product contains:

  • Volcanic Ash - a concentrate of natural antioxidant minerals that restores and repairs
  • Glycolic Acid - an effective exfoliate that removes grime, dirt, and dead cells Kaolin Clay ' draws out impurities and regulates oil production
  • Vitamin E - naturally moisturizes and is essential in overall skin health
  • Oatmeal - natural and gentle exfoliate that also soothes
  • Willowherb - calms irritation from razors
  • Panthenol - contains healing properties
Size: 5 oz Tube

Made in the USA