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Men all over the world have fine hair or a head of hairs that are slowly thinning. This doesn't leave them with too many options when it comes to grooming. If you attempt to use conventional combs or brushes, you might be left with even less coverage than when you started. Leaving it to manage however, isn't the solution either.

You Just Need a Better Instrument.

Fortunately, this is a pretty easy problem to solve. Get yourself a Jack Dean Club Style Brush and take control of the situation. The first thing you'll notice about this masculine mane manager is that it comes packed with bristles. But these aren't the cheap version you may be used to. These bristles are extremely soft and natural.

When they come into contact with your hair, you can bet they're going to get the job done, by shepherding each strand into place just like you wanted. Notice I said 'shepherding', not roughing them up and using intimidating tactics. That's where other combs and brushes have it wrong.

So don't worry about trying to style your look because you're afraid you'll have less mane than when you started. Instead, get the right tool for the job and start being confident in the finished product.

Made in the United Kingdom.