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Jenulence Beard & Mustache Care

Jenulence is a company that is committed to being natural and they say "if you can't eat it, then don't put it on your skin." Men have needs just like any woman out there to take care of their hair. In some ways, they have much more to attend to than the ladies. For men, taking care of that ever-growing facial hair is quite a task. The beard and mustaches must be maintained, yet this area of the body is not like a scalp and has different needs. Jenulence created a beard shampoo and conditioner for exactly this reason. And keeping those whiskers in place is just as important as keeping those whiskers clean, and wax will do just that! You can be assured these items are free of chemical preservatives, dyes, and fragrances.

Jenulence Beard Care
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Jenulence Beard & Mustache Care Reviews
Decent wax
Jenulence Natural Mustache Wax, Citrus Cedarwood Scent.I've used a few different waxes, this one is very similar to Firehouse brand but doesn't hold quite as well. Over the course of the day it tends to relax and the pencil thin I started the day with becomes a full bushy handlebar by the end of the day. I do like the scent though,
No difference
Jenulence Beard Conditioner.Smells like grandma's potpourri and doesn't make my beard any softer.
Not a big fan...
Jenulence Beard Conditioner.I got this Jenulence Beard Conditioner just to try something new for my "Winter Beard", but I wasn't impressed. I feel no difference between this conditioner and just regular Jojoba oil. Nice scent other than that just another beard conditioner (more expensive). You be the judge. Thank you.
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