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Kent was established in 1777 and is one of the oldest companies in Great Britain. They have always been known to carry only the most excellent quality products. They have been granted Royal Warrants for nine reigns. For six generations, the original family ran the company until 1932 when the last of the 3 brothers passed away. Mr. Eric L.H. Cosby, directed for the next duration, now to pass it one of his grandsons, Mr. Alan H.L. Cosby. Throughout this exciting history, they pride themselves in the fact that many of the original products are not mass produced, and while they harness the latest manufacturing processes, they also hold to the traditional methods of creating the finest brushes. There is nothing quite like a Kent shaving brush -- you feel the luxury. We also honestly feel that you will not understand what a good comb is until you try one of theirs.

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Surprisingly Comfortable
Kent BLK2 Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brush, Black Handle My Edwin Jagger Super Badger had started shedding, and though comfortable was more pliable than I thought proper and beginning to feel positively soft. Looking through the alternatives I ran into this little gem. I was hesitant at first: the "pure badger" labeling and the description seemed to imply a lower grade of brush than the EJ. At the price point, though, it was difficult to say no.

OH BOY was this brush a good idea. It was stiff at first, but after break-in is only slightly stiffer than my old EJ, whisks up a solid lather in no time, and feels at once more stimulating and more soothing. I would recommend the Kent BLK2 to anyone wanting a brisk yet comfortable shave experience who has just a little patience for this brush to come into its own.

I am giving the BLK2 five stars both for its quality and for the price offered at WCS. Bravo, gentlemen.
Great comb
Kent 182mm Dressing Comb, Coarse/Fine I'm happy with this comb. I love how stiff it is and the superior quality is great!
Travel brush
Kent Infinity Silvertex Shaving Brush, Cream Handle Smallish, not much splay. Good for travel; dries fast.
Kent Grooming Combs
Kent 158mm Grooming Comb, Coarse/Fine Cannot say enough for the excellent interaction with the personnel in selecting products and return and repurchase , unfortunately, the return and repurchase process. It all went so well and the prompt delivery was amazing. I thank you most sincerely for the best product in combs available, and your wonderful people to represent your company. I will call you again I am sure.
Blk 12
Kent BLK12 Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush, Black Handle I've bought mine 35yrs ago in London, where Kent did have a small shop near Picadilly. I've used it for 25yrs daily with no issues and whether it has shed few hairs, I can't remember. The brush does look like new, only the logoprinting on the handle is slightly fading. Now it's not in use anymore, as I've learned to prefer stiffer brushes and find Kent too floppy at this moment. Nevertheless, the Blk12 is standing in my den to impress with it's looks and size... Though floppy as to today's standards, it still is an impressive brush of superb quality and craftsmenship!
Brillaint Brush
Kent BK8 Traditional Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush, Cream "Very nice brush. A bit stiffer than some other brushes I have used.
Great Brush, Nice shape
Kent BK4 Traditional Medium Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush, Cream Handle "I bought this brush during a sale on West Coast Shaving. It is an amazing brush, with a typical English "fan" shape with an excellent lathering ability. The only fly in the ointment to speak of is that it isn't as soft, when dry, as one would expect for such an expensive brush. My Semogue 730 HD is much softer when dry. Once the brush is wet it feels very soft.
Excellent comb.
Kent 143mm Pocket Comb, Fine "Excellent comb.
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