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Klar Seifen

Phillip Klar began soap making in 1840 and this tradition has now spanned 5 generations. Not only are they the oldest soap maker in Germany, there are also one of the best. Currently, Niels Clear is the 5th generation of developers and continues to have high standards in the development of the great shaving soaps and aftershave that we carry from this this line. They are nicely scented and produce a rich and slick lather that deserves to be on your top shelf. Focusing on natural, sustainable ingredients, these products are well known for their skin friendly products with exceptional performance. Their 4 core values are apparent when you use a Klar product: Tradition, Quality, Sustainability, and Passion.

Klar Seifen Aftershave & Soap
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Klar Seifen Reviews
Five stars for Klar
Klar's Aftershave, Classic A classic, refined, clean, masculine scent that doesn’t over power ...and hard to resist a gentleman wearing Klar. This after shave smells amazing.
Just as good as the aftershave
Klar's Eau De Toilette, Classic Great, subtle scent. Floral top note with a spicy undertone which keeps it from smelling feminine. Everyone who has gotten close enough to me to smell this cologne has complimented me on how I smell.
Greatest! KLAR Shaving Soap
Klar Shaving Soap in Tin, Almond "KLAR shaving soap is an excellent product. It is similar to the great HASLINGER sheep's milk & lanolin soap. The KLAR shaving soap provides a very clean and refreshing shave. I really like it a lot because it makes a really nice lather and the puck lasts a very long time. Order KLAR shaving soap now, you will like it too!
Excellent skin treatment
Klar's Aftershave, ClassicClean, lightly leathery, green scent to my nose. Feels very good and soothes skin very well.
Excellent shaving soap.
Klar Shaving Soap in Tin, ClassicExcellent product ; this soap doesn't give me billowing mounds of whipped-cream-like lather, but does give me an extremely close, comfortable shave with no irritation or razor burn at all. The crisp, business-like scent fades quickly, which I prefer. I rate it as a Great Value because it is rock-hard and will probably last for many months.
klar seifen classic scent shave soap
Klar Shaving Soap in Tin, Classic.being a top shelf hard soap puck suggest lathering with a totally wet brush this will reward you with rich lather 5 stars in my opinion with exceptional slickness and plenty of cushion. Luxury all the way with this premium German soap maker
Klar Shaving Soap
Klar Shaving Soap in Tin, Sandalwood.I purchased the Sandalwood. Wonderful masculine smell that doesn't linger long so it didn't interfere with my aftershave or cologne. Lathers up in 30 seconds or so. Thick foam that leaves a nice base for the blade to glide over. Little pricey but being rolled 5 times instead of 3, it should last a while. I did take it out of the tin and put in my shaving bowl. Very nice.
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