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Layrite Styling Products Reviews
This the good stuff
Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4oz "Yeah, I have a lot of hair and have been dealing with it for a long time, 61 years to be precise, couple that with a cowlick on the side of my head and I need something good to keep it all under control. Here is were Layrite enters the picture. My barber recommended it to me over all the other brands for a reason, it works. It has a nice fragrance and it keeps the mess on my head under control.
Fantastic product
Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4oz "Fantastic product
Definitely in my arsenal!
Layrite Grooming Spray.First, this stuff smells great! Second, the very best way to use this is as directed. Spray on wet or towel dried hair and blow dry into your high pompadour shape until dry. Then spread your Layrite Super Hold on your hands and with a flat hand shape your hair into place. Finish it with a comb and a touch more Spray. This combo can get you, depending on how wet your hair is, a slick or matte look. This stuff is definitely on my reorder list for sure!
My "go to" daily
Layrite Cement Hair Clay.I use the strong hold Layrite and the cement. I find that when I want a more natural, lower shine, loose style the cement works great. I use it on dry hair and add a tiny bit of water to my hands while warming up the cement in my hand, then evenly mix it into my hair and style. It is almost effortless to get the look I want very quickly. The more you use the stronger the hold. It also lasts a few days so I only wash my hair every 2-3 days. For a slicked and more shiny look I add the strong hold pomade or sometimes a petroleum or bee's wax types of pomades. I would really recommend this as a go to for all styles once you work out your process.
Very good product
Layrite Grooming Spray.Just right amount of hold. I don't use it in combo with another product. A bit scented.
Really super shine
Layrite Super Shine Pomade, 4oz.I love that this stuff can be restyled. Now I never have "helmet hair" after my ride in to work. And I can keep it looking good all day as well. My new go to pomade, a water base that looks and works like a petroleum base that washes out easily. Thanks westcoast!
This Is A Gel, Not A Pomade
Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4oz With apologies to the folks who produce this product, this stuff is the worst "pomade" I've tried. Their slogan is "Scientifically proven to hold like a wax, yet come out like a gel". They're half-right: It comes out like a gel because it is a gel- there are no two ways about it. It does not hold, feel (once applied), shape, or look like anything but a gel. It also smells pungently cheap. I've applied it dry, wet, damp, with and without a blowdryer; I've tried a little and I've tried two handfuls: The hold may be decent for people that do not have super thick hair, but it is a medium hold at best for those of us who do. The guys on youtube that claim to have thick hair never do: This does not work well on thick hair. I wouldn't recommend buying this unless you feel the need to waste money. Baxter's of California and Suavecito are higher on my list, each for different strengths and weaknesses.
Stay "rite" with layrite
Layrite Super Hold Pomade, 4oz I have thick, somewhat wavy hair. For me, this product works best if I keep my hair under 4 inches in length. I have used this product for a little over a year and I must say it is great! The moment you scoop this out with a finger, you will instantly feel its thickness. The pomade has a sweet scent, kind of similar to Play-Doh, but it isn't overwhelming. The only thing I did not like is the fact that this particular version of Layrite hardens up like a gel after a while (depending on how much one uses, I use about a US quarter size amount), hence the name "Superhold". Re-combing isn't the same as with other pomades (because of the hardening of the product), and will go much smoother with a wet comb. However, because this is a water-soluble pomade, the wet comb might slightly reduce the strength of the hold. This pomade is truly water-soluble. A quick rinse and shampoo does the trick, though I have sometimes simply rinsed it out without shampooing. Overall, this pomade is great. Price is a little high, but WCS has one of the lowest prices I've seen online.
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