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Lea Classic Shave Soap and Shave Cream

LEA stands for "La Estrella Alavesa," or The Star from Alava. With nearly 200 years of manufacturing experience, tracing back to humble beginnings in candle and soap-making, LEA is sure to become a star in your personal care routine as well. From its founding in 1823, the company has prided itself on continuing to develop new initiatives and product lines to keep up with an ever-changing global economy. That inventiveness has led to the current selection of original, forward-thinking hygiene and grooming products. As a thoroughly modern business with the honorable distinction of being one of the oldest companies in Spain, LEA carefully balances tradition, evolution, and sustainability in everything it produces.

Lea Shaving Products
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Lea Classic Shave Soap and Shave Cream Reviews
A new favorite.
Lea Classic After Shave Lotion (100ml/3.5oz) I tried this on a whim, Not knowing what to expect. As far as it's skin conditioning properties after a shave, it's the best I've ever tried. It really does leave your face feeling rejuvenated after a shave with it's menthol, and glycerin content. The scent is simple, yet surprisingly long-lasting, and very nice. I'm glad I took a chance with this stuff!
Great product
Lea Classic Shaving Cream in Metallic Tub This cream lathers well, and then gives you a nice, smooth, close shave. It has a pleasant scent, but not at all overpowering. Performance is superb - I am really enjoying this one! Best of all, it doesn't break the bank.
I love this shaving cream.
Lea Classic Shaving Cream (100g/3.5oz) With respect to the first gentleman that left a review I have no clue as to what he is saying. I have been buying this for years now and I simply love it. It has never been watery for me, in fact the opposite, I recommend that you make sure you wet your face before and maybe after. And you will have amazing results. This stuff is fantastic!
I think it's great!
Lea Classic Shaving Cream "With respect to the gentleman who posted the first review I must say I've had very positive results with this cream. Yes, it's a bit watery compared to some other creams I have, but it still performs extremely well. I don't know how to really describe the scent, however I find it very pleasant and like the Lea Menthol cream it lathers fast, rich, and has perfect stability. It also has a nice menthol feeling which becomes even more apparent during the second pass and it gives great soothing for my sensitive skin with a lot of moisturizing. Another point I noticed about this cream is that it gives excellent blade glide. Price-wise, I'd say is fairly reasonable so yes, I'd buy it again.
Onine orders that don't disappoint
Lea Shaving Soap Stick "When I order online it's always with some trepidation that I await the arrival of the goods - I'm pleased to report that I was 100% satisfied with my WestCoast Shaving order and wonder why I haven't ordered from them before !
LEA Shaving Cream
Lea Classic Shaving Cream in Metallic Tub "The cream is very smooth blades slides and protects the skin , a little cream goes a long way. Great product, will purchase again.
Great aftershave
Lea Classic After Shave Lotion Good cooling and moisturizing effect. Great scent. Classic and masculine.
great product
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