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MAAS Metal Polish

Called "the best and most amazing polish in the world" by the Chicago Tribune, MAAS products are the result of a determined homemaker's inspired quest for a better way to clean and restore household metals without harsh chemicals and carcinogens. The "miracle polish" developed by Donna Maas has grown into an international company with a product line that provides exceptional cleanliness and shine to metals, glass, and even automobiles. MAAS polishes are gentle enough to use on treasured antiques, but tough enough for chrome and alloy -- even Ron Pollich's drag racing team uses it to keep their vehicles in top form. With products for motorcycles, cars, boats, and aircraft, in addition to polishes for everyday household use, this is one line that's got something for just about everyone.

MAAS Polish
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MAAS Metal Polish Reviews
Great product. Good price
MAAS Metal Polish 2 oz.Great product. Good price
Awesome Stuff
MAAS Metal Polish 4 oz.This is awesome stuff. Just like the product description says, a little goes a long way. I used MAAS to polish up several straight razors and was very pleased with the results. Highly recommended.
MAAS Metal Polish 2 oz.I finally found something that works well for all my antique razors. It is gentle, effective, and easy.
This stuff is the bomb.
MAAS Metal Polish 2 oz.Excellent polish. Very easy to use. Just do your best Karate Kid (wax on, wax off). Buff up to a perfect shine. Be careful, though. You can easily remove thin plated or coated finishes. I mostly removed gold tone from an old Gillette razor and then had to keep going. The razor is bright and shiny copper now. Fantastic.
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