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Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap Grooming Products

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Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap Grooming Products Reviews
Love this Shaving Soap
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap with Ceramic Bowl I love this shaving soap! The scent is like fresh linens and the lather is light but thick. I have found that it works best when you let water sit on the soap while you shower. I have read some reviews that state its to hard to get a good lather. If you apply the top suggestion with a good soak of your brush, you'll be golden. The refills are a lot cheaper but you are paying for the ceramic bowl on this purchase. 5 Star!
Mitchell 's wool fat soap
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Soap, 75g Good lather, and pleasing soapy texture on the skin.

Rinses with a clean feel leaving a pleasant subtle fragrance
Great Lotion
Mitchell's Wool Fat Hand & Body Lotion, 240ml Mitchell's wool fat hand and body lotion is a fantastic body lotion as are all Mitchell's products I have tried. This lotion used after a shower leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated, I recommend it highly, a little goes a long way.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shampoo, 150ml I really like this shampoo, leaves scalp and hair feeling clean and soft. A quality product as with all Mitchell products.
soft, smooth and clean feeling skin
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shower Gel, 300ml I normally don't use shower gel but ordered it for my wife because Mitchells makes such a fantastic shave soap. We ordered the shower gel, bath soap, skin lotion, and shampoo, we are very impressed with all the products. My wife and I will continue to use Mitchells products.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill This soap will stay in my rotation, First of all the smell is fine. It smells like a bar of soap. For an easy lather I soak the puck in warm water just covering the top for about 30 minutes. My puck lives stuck to the bottom of a wide mouth coffee cup that I purchased just for it. When ready, dump the bloom water…saving some for the lather bowl. Load a BOAR brush from the wet puck & build lather in lather bowl. Makes easy great lather.
Sheepish Magic
Mitchell's Wool Fat Bath Foam, Country Scent, 150ml Let the sheep bathe you for a change. Lovely scent -- not lanolin or that "smell of sheep" that your farmer friends always bring to the pub. It's mild, but used with a loofah it brings up a light lather and leaves a superbly clean feeling that lasts without any residual soapiness on the skin. Also, a little bit seems to go a long way. Treat yourself and let your shower time become spa time, in the midst of a green, flowing meadow.
Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill Easy to lather. Does the job of making the shaving easy and smooth on the skin. Excellent soap.
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