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This Sandalwood Muhle Starter Set is really a perfect option for' just about anything really. If you are just now getting into or back into wet shaving, it's a good product to start with. It can make a nice gift for someone, or it can be a great choice for someone you know who might just be starting to shave, such as your teenage son whose voice has been going up and down octaves like Peter Brady over the past year or so. No matter who gets this set ' even if you buy it for yourself ' it will be loved. Just look at everything it offers!

It comes with a wonderful sandalwood shaving cream in a 75 ml container, as well as a pure badger brush. In addition, it includes a drip stand, which will help the brush to dry between uses. Why should you get this set? Have you used that cream in a can lately? You know, the stuff that barely lathers and that has more chemicals than Walter White's RV. Use high quality natural creams and shave soaps, such as this sandalwood option, and let this brush for a better quality shave and feel. It's time to do it right.

Made in Germany.