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Musgo Real Soap & Shaving Cream

It's hard to keep your composure when the demands of modern life are doing their best to wear you down. Don't let everyday stresses show on your face; be as composed and refined on the outside as you are on the inside with Musgo Real products. Time-honored recipes keep your skin protected from the ravages of sun, wind, and external stress, while updated fragrances ensure that you stay sharp and revitalized - not to mention, irresistible. Since 1887, Claus Porto, the parent company of Musgo Real, has lived and worked by one motto: "Preserve the past. Hearten the present. Challenge the future." The Musgo Real man does all three, with a distinctive style and refined taste that can't be denied. From the company that prides itself on its "magical mixture" of ingredients, comes the magical mixture of qualities that define a new masculinity. Consider yourself the Merlin of modern men.

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Musgo Real Soap & Shaving Cream Reviews
Oil makes a difference!
Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil Oil makes a difference!
Final piece of the puzzle
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap I am still fairly new to wet shaving, just over a year, and it took me some time to dial in the combination of products that give me a great shave. I've got a coarse, tough beard along with sensitive skin, and after trial and error found the right razor, blade, brush, cream, and aftershave balm for my particular needs; but I could tell there was still something I needed to add to my routine. This soap is it. I rub the bar against my wet beard, lather it, then apply shaving cream over the top. It makes the shave so much easier and smoother and enjoyable. I keep the bar in an open used tin which allows it to quickly dry between shaves. I would not want to go back to shaving without it!
Ideal classy scent
Musgo Real Agua de Colonia No. 1 Orange Amber I like citrus scents and have been looking a long time for my ideal scent. And I found it at WCS. Warm, slightly spicy and orange blossom being the main scent. Love it. If you can stop by the store and take a whiff you will see what I mean.While it may be more expensive than most, keep in mind it should last a long time.
Great Product
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap This is my first pre shave soap. It did an awesome job. I applied to face and put shaving cream over it for a real smooth shave. I use Taylor of old bond street shaving cream. The soap fits into an empty container, or I just sit it on the lid for a soap dish.
Did not make it into my rotation...
Musgo Real Classic Shaving Soap Nice scent, but I had hoped for more from this in terms of performance. I agree with the reviewer that has pegged this as a preshave soap that can be left on the face, but gone over with a higher loft, higher slickness shaving soap.
The best
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Classic, 3.4oz I have used a lot of different soaps and cream and By far the best ..
Tried and True
Musgo Real Shave Cream, Orange Amber, 3.4oz I have been a Musgo Real fan for about 7 years now. Product makes a dense, thick lather that has excellent lubrication as well as protecting the facial skin. The orange amber scent is wonderful, and when paired with the aftershave, makes for a lovely start to the day!!
Musgo Scent Oil Soap
Musgo Real Glyce Classic Scent Oil Soap This is a wonderful soap. As suggested I used it prior to applying shave cream. I experienced a nice close shave. A little goes a long ways.
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