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Nacet Double Edge Razor Blades

Nacet Razor Blades
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Nacet Double Edge Razor Blades Reviews
making a commitment
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pack I??ve tried a number???not all???but a number of blades on this site. It??s not easy to definitively rate razor blades since you will experience variations from blade to blade with any of them. But overall, the Gillette Nacets impressed me. They seemed to have less drag but also produced good shaves for a bit longer than some of the others I tried. Not the least expensive???I found that Sharks were very close and a lot less expensive???but reasonable. I decided I??d stick to these for a while and see how it goes, so I ordered a 100. I was expecting a single box, and was surprised to open the shipping package to find 20 packs of 5. But I??ve never ordered a 100 of any blades before so maybe that??s not so weird. Anyway, a very decent blade for a decent price. These will last more than a year. Then I may try something else.
Long lasting, sharp and smooth
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pack "I got some of these in a sample pack and they are the best I have tried so far and I get 6-7 shaves out of it ... I could get more but i was imaptient to try other blades in the sample pack.
Good blade
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 5-pack I bought a 5 pack of these to try. They were near the back of the listing of blades and inexpensive so I didn't expect much. Wow was I surprised. They are very smooth and no nicks or scrapes and a very close shave.I have been using Astras and these are better. I gave them only a 4 because they are not long lasting but at this price who cares. If I were to rate on performance alone they would definitely get 5 stars.
Tough Beard Hair
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 5-pack When your beard hair if tough, few, as in very few blades give you a GOOD third cut ! The Gillette NACET gave very slight pulling (no pre-shave application of any kind), but overall a smooth finish and NO RASH??_. I will attempt a fourth cut with a pre-shave oil??_ I??m confident I will have a good shave.
Close shave
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 5-packI have used several brands of blades and find the Nacet to be one of the sharpest I have found and am able to get 8 to 10 great shaves per blade.
Wonderful blade
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pack.I have been shaving with brush and safety razor for nine months now. These blades are among four of about two dozen brands I have tried that work well with my face, giving me consistently great shaves in all of my razors. They are my #2 blade choice, and my second bulk purchase! West Coast Shaving is a great company and I have had fantastic customer service from them, always prompt replies to questions and concerns, and they go the extra mile to make me a satisfied customer!
I'm Surprised - This is a Damn Great Blade
Gillette Nacet Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades, 5-pack.First let me say, I have been wet shaving for over 20 years but only recently did I start wet shaving with DE razors and blades. It took me over 5 months to find the right DE blades that work for my skin, beard, technique, and razor, and the Gillete Nacet is one of those blades. My skin is sensitive and my facial hair a medium coarseness/thickness and this blade blazes through my beard with ease and does not irritate my skin the least bit. I honestly did not expect this blade to perform as well as it did, it was a random buy from WSC in hopes that I would stumble upon another dependable blade I could add to my collection for regular use. I wanted to rate this 4-1/2 stars since the Nacet is only good for 5-6 shaves for me as compared to my favorite DE blade the PolSilver which I can get 6-7 shaves, but since I can't give 1/2 a star the Nacet gets all 5. I would definitely recommend that you give these blades a chance.
Nacet Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades.Just put the Nacet DE Platinum to work on my face (oily skin with med to heavy beard using Col Conk Bayrum shave soap). The blade worked well with and against the grain my '65 Gillette razor- score is 4 to 5 w/a "recommend".
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