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You've probably heard of lemongrass as an ingredient in Thai cooking. If you've never actually shopped for it, you might not know how great it smells, so why not delight your nostrils with this amazing bath soap that combines the traditional fragrance of Bay Rum with light, refreshing lemongrass?

Not only does Ogallala Bay Rum & Lemongrass Bath Soap lather up fast and rich, leaving you cleaner than clean, it's very gentle. In fact, it's so gentle you can use it on your hair ' it's perfect for taking with you to the gym because it does double duty.

You'll love the way you smell, and everyone you meet will want to know the secret ingredient! You can tell them, or keep it to yourself ' it's entirely up to you.

If you're constantly plagued by having to find last-minute stocking stuffers for family and friends, we suggest buying a few extra bars - they will be glad you did!

Size: 4.5 oz

Made in the USA.