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Old Spice

In 1937, Old Spice products were first introduced and marketed to...women?

In 1938, they got it right and started making Old Spice for men. Since then, the brand has been known for its iconic fresh scents. As one of the leading men's grooming product lines in the world, the name is synonymous with three top performance indicators: Smellgoodedness, Performancemanship, and Awesomeabilitiness. Oh, sure, you may think something so classic is just pass?, but Old Spice would like to remind you that ???If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist.?? If you're looking for something to help you humanely relocate your facial hair, keep your personal odor index under control, or even scrub your mind's eye clean of the image that grandfather quote brought up, your search is over.

Old Spice Aftershave & Shaving Cream
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Old Spice Reviews
Reliably Good After Shave
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Fresh Lime 50ml "Excellent opening with a blast of fresh (not candied) lime. Dries down to the familiar OS powdery, musky vanilla. This is made in India and the formulation seems a little longer lasting than the U.S. OS.
Just like dad used to wear
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Original 50ml "I love this juice! It reminds me of my dad & the 1980's. This smells like the original Old Spice from the good ol days!
Old School
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Original 50ml "I really like this original Old Spice. I'm glad I bought it. It makes me feel Old School when I use it.
Original Old Spice
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Original 150ml I bought this because my grandfather wore it when I was growing up. He has gone but his scent goes on through me. I love this product. I have recommended it to everyone!. The bottle is glass and very well made. I will be saving the bottle. It is a spray which I didn't know when I ordered it but the scent is what is important and it is just as I remembered it as a kid. I am thankful to West Coast for carrying this product because I couldn't find it anywhere else.
Good stuff
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Original 150ml The classic scent and the classic packaging. Hard to find these days!
As close as to the Original. Bar none!
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Original 150ml I have to say, since P&G bought Shulton Old Spice a couple decades ago OS has never been the same. At least not here in the States. Well, this one here does a really good job of getting close to the original classic. Don't like the spray atomizer, but can live with it. I still have all of the original scents and a couple of their limited scents such as Burley, Lime, Musk and Leather. All timeless classics. I'd have to disagree with the previous reviewer concerning this scent. It's as close to the original as it gets. True, not a shock bracer as the original but works. I would not hesitate to buy it again. Give it a shot old school AS lovers, this blend won't dissappoint.
This is the original formula,
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Original 50ml This is the original formula, which has the aroma made famous in the 50's and 60s. Old Spice products sold here in the states do not have this nostalgic, wonderful odor.
Old Spice Original
Old Spice After Shave Lotion, Original 150ml Great scent, just like the original before P&G changed the Formula.
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