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Omega Synthetic

Synthetic shaving brushes have become very popular in the last years for many reasons, one being the price of badger hair. Omega has been on top of this trend and have been quick to offer a multitude of handle options to cater to the growing demand. They really have covered all the bases from a traditional, contemporary, and even a fun barber-pole design.

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Omega Synthetic Reviews
Mistake on Price
The Omega S brush is WAYYYYY underpriced!! I purchased this as a travel brush, being synthetic, I thought it would dry quickly and the price was very low, so why not? The performance was fantastic! Soft but firm bristles, no loss of bristles with use, it is everything you would want in a brush. The only feature which caused a problem was the diameter of the handle is so substantial, it does not fit into my travel brush tube, so take that into consideration.
Omega S-Brush Model S10077, Blue & Black "Holds creme or soap well. Very pliable and easy to use. Worth the money easily.
Omega Brush
Omega S-Brush Model S10049, Red "This brush creates a good lather and is a great value. It is well made. My only complaint --it is larger than I thought it would be. That doesn't affect its function but it is rather large
Nice little brush!
Omega S-Brush Model S10077, Green & Black "Bought this for travel, comes in a plastic box. Generates a good lather and has a nice feel, not too soft. Smaller thank my badger brush but easy to hold. Can't beat the price!
Shaving gear
Omega S-Brush Model S10018, Green & Clear "3-m weeks and still have not received my order from West coast shaving
Great little brush.
Omega S-Brush Model S10049, Red "For lathering up you can't hardly beat the value of this brush. I do prefer a heavier feel to my brushes, which is the only reason I dropped a star from this one.
Love this brush
Omega S-Brush Model S10077, Blue & Black "Worked great for me (newbie). And I really think it is totally cool looking. And it's an absolute bargain. The varioof color options is great too. Match your decor or just pick your favorite color!
Omega S-Brush Model S10018, Blue & ClearI love this brush. it has a good backbone strength and is soft as a badger brush. it also makes a great lather.
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