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Omega Shave Brushes and Shaving Cream

You've heard of "La Dolce Vita" -- the sweet life. Now let us introduce you to "La Dolce Rasatura" -- the sweet shave. Legendary in Italy and gaining notoriety worldwide, Omega shaving brushes are the embodiment of noteworthy Italian exports. Like a good pasta, a robust Chianti, or a sleek Ferrari, these are brushes that have tradition, versatility, and timeless design on their side. Whether you're a boar, badger, or synthetic fiber devotee, you'll find your new favorite shaving tools in the Omega line. Wood or resin handles come perfectly sculpted to fit the palm, in a variety of colors and styles from classic to bold. With products to suit any budget, Omega can give you a superior lather at a superior price, so you can live the sweet life without sacrificing style or quality. Va bene

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Omega Shave Brushes and Shaving Cream Reviews
quality is perfect . a
Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand quality is perfect . a little short for my brush
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush I just got mine in a few days ago right after I had already shaved. So I wanted a few days and just put it to use! Had to wright this review after. Iv only had 2 other brushes before this one. Which I can say didn’t hold a candle to this one! It’s awesome! Super soft and effective. Worth every penny in my opinion! If you reading this to decide wether or not to buy one. Let me save you the time. Grab it. You won’t be disappointed!
First brush
Omega 11126 Boar Shaving Brush, Ovangkol Wooden Handle This is my first brush I've had it for about a year. I can't imagine any other brush performing better than this.
Omega 27mm Chrome Shaving Brush and Razor Stand The very best stand i've ever owned
Great Value
Omega S-Brush Model S10083, Chrome Omega was always a great brand for paint brushes and that quality has continued in their shaving brushes.
Awesome little guy, just like me
Omega 11047 Banded Boar Shaving Brush This is an awesome little brush. Seems quite small compared to most others, mainly because of the little handle. The Knot is also smaller than most, but not that much. The badger/boar bristle combination give it good backbone and a little scratch, but not too much. The smaller size makes it easier to rinse after using. I’m a small guy, with small hands and face, but I’m sure it will work great for big guys too, especially if you have small hands :)
Omega blue & black synthetic brush
Omega S-Brush Model S10077, Blue & Black This is my first synthetic boar brush. I really like it. Feels well broken in, gets great lather quickly. Rinses easily too.
Excellent brush at a good value
Omega 63185 Pure Badger Shaving Brush While I'm still relatively new to the world of wet shaving, this was one of my earliest purchases and one of my best. I like the feel of the brush on my face, it creates copious amounts of later with both cream and soap, it dries quickly, and it looks sharp. Looking forward to many more great shaves with this brush. While it may not measure up to some high end brushes, I'm sure it's a good starting point for anyone making the move to wet shaving.
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