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The Sorcerer's Stone of shaving has been found. Natural alum, known for millennia as a highly beneficial healing mineral, is now available for use in your daily ablutions, no wizardry required. For over 50 years, French laboratory Osma has been guarding and defending the ancient wisdom of alum manufacturing, and to this day relies on hand-cutting and other traditional practices to keep their minerals pure. The magic of the alum stone is its ability to tighten tissues and reduce inflammation, which translates to a closer shave and less irritated skin for you. Whether you choose the stone itself or one of Osma's proprietary potions, which combine the mystical mineral with moisturizing shea butter, you'll be spellbound by the power of a totally natural shaving experience steeped in the wisdom of the ancients.

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Osma Laboratories Reviews
Alum bloc
Bloc Osma Alum Block I’m new to wet shaving saw this on the internet trying it out and so far it does everything that it claims like it very much
Wears well, smooth shave and a bit of Alum make this a good all around shave
Osma Shaving Soap with Alum I love Osma. It fits in my inexpensive Apollo bowl perfectly and lasts many months of every other day shaves. Not the best scent but it's about the shave to me, not the scent. Also a little bit of alum for little nicks although I still use a alum bar for any medium goofs. Shave AG or WG either way it works.
Alum Block
Bloc Osma Alum Block I've only been wet shaving for a month now, this is a saver since i am still learning how to shave with a safety razor, this really helps show me where i need to improve.
Bloc Osma Alum Block "It's a block of alum - not really sure what else needs to be said! ; )

Works great, and the wide flat surface glides across my face smoothly. Nice upgrade from a styptic pencil.
Osma Styptic Pencil, Hemo Stop
Osma Styptic Pencil, Hemo Stop "Recently purchased this product along with other Pinaud Clubman Products. Just yesterday I recently nick myself shaving (in a hurry) and used the Osma. It did the job it was suppose to do. I would buy this product again. Brad Jordan
Great Alum Block
Bloc Osma Alum Block "I have tried a couple alum blocks. First was a cheaper one that broke into pieces rather easily. The Osma block has stayed in one piece. Even after dropping a couple times, only small pieces chipped off. What I love about a good alum block is the instant feedback on the irritation suffered during a shave. If it burns a lot, it wasn't such a smooth shave. Plus, the block helps with minor cuts. I rarely need anything more than an alum block to stop any bleeding. This is a great alum block!
Quality: Easy four star. Value: Tough call
Osma Tradition After Shave Balm "I received this product in my West Coast Surprise / Mystery box. This is a darn good balm and a fantastic freebie. I have been sampling some soaps that leave my skin irritated and this product offers the soothing aftershave effect that's needed. It REALLY soothes. But, take note, 1.7 ounce for $25.
Alum Bloc
Bloc Osma Alum Block "Good product. Very satisfied. Don't drop it though ... it'll shatter.
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