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If you can't find it in another category, it's probably here. We're committed to carrying everything you could possible want or need for your shaving and grooming needs.

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With over 2,000 wet shaving products, we're bound to have some products that don't fit into one of our regular categories. Here you'll find sponges, straight razor protection oils, gift items and even candles. Just browsing this category may result in finding a product you didn't know you couldn't live without. And of course, if you can't find something, let us know and we'll get it for you.

Other Products Reviews
Better than I expected
Double Edge Blade "Bank" For the price I expected this to fit only a few razors. To save on shipping I ordered 2 of them thinking that I would fill them rather quickly as I use a blade 1 to 2 shaves before descarding. But, I have quickly learned that I will have plenty of space for used razors. Worth the money to have an easy disposal system that is fool proof. No breaking razor edges and the container is unopenable so 100% safe. I am fairly new to the site and have made only a few orders. However, I have been impressed with the customer service, shipping and products so far.
Nice size for price
Double Edge Blade "Bank" Recommend for quality and price
A Great Used Blade Storage Bank
Double Edge Blade "Bank" Best I’ve found for collecting and storing used DE blades for recycling.
Great product
Double Edge Blade "Bank" This is an excellent product for holding used razor blades. It is a small place to hold blades safely. This box makes it easier for me to collect blades to send them for recycling.
Great little bank
Double Edge Blade "Bank" I have a couple of these banks. They are well made and easily hold a couple years worth of used blades. I keep one in the various locations where I shave.
Blade Bank
Double Edge Blade "Bank" I bought 4 of them, because they are so cheap. No more throwing my old blade in the trash.
Blade bank
Double Edge Blade "Bank" Haven't had much chance to load it up yet, but seems to work well. Will save having to tape or remove edges before disposal. that alone is worth the price.
Over a year's worth of blades
Double Edge Blade "Bank" This bank stores quite a few blades. It provides the assurance that my used blades will not cut anyone.
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