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If you're not quite sure you're ready to take the plunge to a safety or straight razor, we offer some handsome handles for that cartridge you can't live without.

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Check out the award-winning design options from Bolin or Edwin Jagger razors for a high-end comfortable shave. These aren't your cheap plastic-handled razors from the local drugstore. We also carry the Bump Fighter disposables that are guarded/wrapped blades for a more protected shave, which were designed for African-American men who struggle with those nasty in-grown hairs. There are options for the Mach3 system and Atra cartridge blades. The Gillette Guard razors are fantastic travel options.

Other Razors Reviews
Terrific blades
Gillette Guard Replacement Cartridge Blades These blades give me a great shave, whether on my face or head. I get a smooth, comfortable shave without any irritation whatsoever. I have a stable of DE razors and these rank right up there with the best blades. Don't let the price fool you, or the fact that they aren't made in the USA. These blades will do a great job. Give them a try. You won't be disappointed.
gillette altra not trac ll
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome thanks for everything it was a pleasure doing business with yuo
Trac II chrome handle
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome This handle has a nice solid heavy feel to it. It makes shaving easier by giving the razor a solid feel. I like very much and it was everything I hoped it would be.
Great Time Saver
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack I have been wet shaving for years and usually use a DE blade. When crunched for time, I'll use a multi-blade. These blades are great. I loved my Trac II's years ago and had gotten rid of my old handle. I picked up the chrome Trac II handle from WCS and two packs of the Personna blades. Great pairing, great shaves and saves me some time when I don't go with a single blade. So happy to be able to use a double blade rather than the quintuple junk out there. Thanks WCS, hope you keep these blades on the menu.
Great for a thick beard
Atra Razor The only razor that truly works for me...
Awesome Product
Gillette Guard Replacement Cartridge Blades Awesome Product and delivery on time ?. I really happy with this.
Exactly what I hoped for
Atra Razor Wonderful item works perfectly. All the stupid razors with their billboard size cartridges, at outrageous prices, and all you need is the double edge Atra style blades and handle.
atra value
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack I have been an Atra blade user for many years. These Personna blades seem just as effective for a close shave. I just started using them, but they work great!
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