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Parker Safety Razor

We were hesitant to bring in the Parker razors, thinking the quality wouldn't be up to our standards due to the great price. However, after many requests, we caved and boy were we wrong. We now have a nice selection getting very good reviews and flying off the shelf. Compare to other popular brands and you can see why they are now a very well known shaving brand. We're quite excited to carry these and bring in new models when available. Keep on eye out for new options! As all safety razors on our site, they work with double edge blades. They have traditional butterfly and three-piece options depending on how you like to load your blade. These are sure to improve your shave, with a closeness and comfort you've never experienced before. If you're just starting out, you can't go wrong with a Parker. Try them out and leave us a review!

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Parker Safety Razor Reviews
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome I bought the Parker Variant and Rockwell 6C razors at the same time. Just like my children, they are different in many ways but I love them just the same. Both give an outstanding shave that is customizable to the individual shaver. Because the Parker is adjustable, there’s never a concern about the razor being too mild or too aggressive. It’s like owning five quality razors for the price of one. The razor is built to last a lifetime and it feels like it. Some may not like the heft it wields but it’s something I like in a safety razor. My next purchase will be another adjustable razor, the Rockwell Model-T when it becomes available. Regarding West Coast Shaving – they have awesome customer service.
Parker 96R safety razor
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Razor is excellent. good balance. Nice & heavy. Minimal effort to glide razor on face.
Parker Variant
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black Very fine instrument. Provide a smooth shave at all settings
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black GREAT RAZOR!!! AMAZING FEEL!! AWESOME WORKMANSHIP!!!
Revisiting the past
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Well made and shaves well with little acclimating time.
Very Nice
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case Disassembled in the case, it's compact enough just to drop into a pocket. Assembled, it's sturdy, with appropriate heft and a nicely-textured handle. The aggressiveness is, I guess, in the reasonable range. More than a Jagger, but not dramatically so. I carry an extra blade or two in the case, tucked behind the head assembly.
safety razor
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor Heavier than I expected. That's a good thing!
TracII Razor
Trac II Compatible Razor, Chrome This razor has made shaving fun again. I love the balanced weight of it. I will definitely be using West Coast Shaving for all of my shaving needs
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