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Parker Safety Razor

We were hesitant to bring in the Parker razors, thinking the quality wouldn't be up to our standards due to the great price. However, after many requests, we caved and boy were we wrong. We now have a nice selection getting very good reviews and flying off the shelf. Compare to other popular brands and you can see why they are now a very well known shaving brand. We're quite excited to carry these and bring in new models when available. Keep on eye out for new options! As all safety razors on our site, they work with double edge blades. They have traditional butterfly and three-piece options depending on how you like to load your blade. These are sure to improve your shave, with a closeness and comfort you've never experienced before. If you're just starting out, you can't go wrong with a Parker. Try them out and leave us a review!

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Parker Safety Razor Reviews
The must hae DE razir foranperfect BBS Shave
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black “I want and expect an awful lot from my DE Razor and the this Parker Variant is the one that delivers! I don't consider a shave a good shave unless it is BBS. I also don't like cuts and too much irritation either. Just to make it more difficult to make this lofty goal I have very sensitive skin and a medium heavy beard. Seriously, to do this I can not even immagine being able to do all this without this Parker Variant Razor ! Your blade choice has to be right your blade exposure and angle adjustment has to be perfect and your lather has to be top notch IHO. So if I were to buy any single adjustment razor ,wow, how many would I have had to buy to get the PERFECT formula for my high standards. Basically friends if you want to only pay for one DE razor that will get you to YOUR perfect BBS comfortable smooth shaves than this razor by Parker is it! To say I think this razor is the best out there would be a hugh understatement. If you think this is too expensive, I would answer that by saying, you can not afford to pass this one by!”
Practice makes Parker perfection
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Black Never having had an adjustable razor before, the Variant took a bit of practice to properly adjust for the least aggressive #1 setting; however, once it was broken in, it was extremely easy to adjust; shave adjust indicator is very clear, and the tactile adjustment feedback definite enough to make it quite simple. I'm not sure my face is sensitive enough, but there seems to be a definite difference particularly between least, middle, and most aggressive settings. The checkered handle is easy to grip even with soapy hands; the head weight tends to the heavy side, and so takes a bit of balance to avoid over-familiarity with alum/styptic. Fitted with a decent blade, the Variant should provide excellent shaves for years to come!
Parker small Dopp kit
Parker Small Dopp Kit This is perfect for me. I was looking for a quality Dopp kit to fit in my saddle bags on my Harley. I have small bags so I have space issues. This works well and is what I was looking for. Very good quality. I am pleased.
Nice razor.
Parker Travel Razor with Leather Case I finally had the chance to use the razor and I can say I'm happy with its performance. The travel case is compact but still has enough room for a couple of blades. The razor gave a nice close shave without cuts or razor burn. I think the weight has a lot to do with the great shave. My other razor may be a little heavy as it doesn't shave the same. I would like to find one that is similar to this one.
Parker variant adjustable razor
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome My husband loves his new razor and the way it is adjustable. It really gives a great smooth shaved.
Parker Variant
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome Being relatively new to the craft of wet shaving (4 years), I am continuing to build my personal preferences. I have been through a few choices for DE razor's and even had one break. While searching for a replacement razor I had 3-4 for non-adjustable types in my final selection. Then it dawned on me to look closer at an adjustable razor which would remove most of the "perfect match" variables of finding the best combination of aggressive head style combined with my favorite blade. Once my search focused on the adjustable type, I quickly narrowed it to the Parker Variant. I have purchased one and used it for a month. The weight is ideal and the adjustable feature is very functional, allowing different settings depending on the blade and stubble growth. From a craftsmanship and functionality standpoint I know I will be enjoying this "instrument" for years to come. The only reason I cannot leave a 5 Star rating is that only after 1 month I have seen some water stains on the crown and underside of the head. For water to stain the crowned top, I am a little concerned about the quality of the final finish in production. As this is mere cosmetics I am not overly concerned and would highly recommend the Parker Variant to anyone searching for their next favorite DE razor.
Parker 96R Double Edge Safety Razor In 1972 I switched from using my Dad’s old single blade razor to a newly-invented Gillette Trac II. Which I continued using -- while trying a few odd other multi-blade razors -- until I got the Parker 96R about 3 weeks ago. So that’s 45 years using the same kind of razor.

I was tired of paying $2 for a replacement blade; and Trac II is now “obsolete” and hard to get blades. The Parker razor and a 120 blade “sample pack” (about 15 different brands of blades) was inexpensive enough to give “modern” single blade razors a try.

I was a little worried I would not get a close shave; or I would get too close a shave and cut myself. And I wondered how long each blade would cut clean before I had to replace it. I thought a steel razor might feel heavy and unbalanced, after using plastic for so long.

The new “old style” razor is far better than I could have hoped for. It shaves closer that any of the multiblades I’ve tried; and of the 2 different brands of single blades I’ve tried so far, they stay sharp at least as long as a multiblade stays sharp -- for 1/10th the price of a multiblade.

With the Parker, I get less razor nicks than with my Trac II or any of the mutliblades I’ve used. The Parker is very precision-built to expose just enough of the blade to do the job. It feels great -- doesn’t feel heavy or unbalanced at all. And the twist-open makes it very easy to install and change-blades.

I am sure there are lots of other good new “old style” razors available today. But on my first try I found one that I will keep using until... Well, the razor will probably outlast me. And I’ll stick with this Parker as long as people keep making these really good single blades for “old style” razors.
The Attainable Adjustable
Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Satin Chrome For a long time, Iv'e been hoping that *someone* would come out with a modern adjustable DE razor that combined the classic qualities of the best adjustable of the past (which, save for one or two obscure and low-production brands, pretty much means vintage Gillettes), but with the advantage of modern production, meaning no need to suffer the vagaries of heavily-used vintage DEs gong for near-extortionate bucks on a certain auction site). I've been using the Parker Variant for some months now, and can comfortably say It's a razor for the ages: elegantly unassuming in its appearance, in use it's one of the most sublime shavers I've come across, and this comes from someone in possession of Merkur;s Vision and Futur razors - not bad, either of them, but the Variant is putting them on notice: if you're going to charge much more than the near-$60 tab it asks of you to take it home, you have to seriously up your game. Put simply, it's my new standard, period.
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