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Have you ever held a safety razor and wondered who decided that it might be a good idea to put a few precautions in place, if you were planning to hold a piece of sharpened steel to your throat? As it turns out, those very intelligent and cautious pioneers were the forefathers of the brand now known as Personna. For over 135 years, the descendants of those original safety razors have been a parade of firsts: Stainless steel blades, guards, female disposable razors, tungsten steel double blades, all firsts in the industry and part of an unrivaled legacy of innovation. Today, Personna continues to develop new product designs and provide a carefully crafted selection of only the best and most technologically advanced razors and blades on the market. Who else would you trust with your face, besides the people who built an empire on finding new ways to protect it?

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Outshines everything else
Personna Medical Prep Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pak About 10 years ago I bought many different brands to try out. I have tried tons and still have probably just about any brand you can think of left over. Why you may ask? Quite simply because of the Personna Med Prep blade! It's the only ones I buy anymore. Since around 2011, I have only had to buy a box of 100 and before that around 2008.

Probably not quite as sharp as Feather, but a much better and longer lasting blade. I use them in my Merkur Slant. I don't ever recall using them in any of my other double edges. I guess when you find a good combo, why change?

My beard is coarse and I can generally get around 4 shaves without issue. The 5th shave probably would be pushing it. Overall this is the best of all worlds! Give it a shot and I highly doubt you will buy anything else after giving these a shot.
About as good as it gets.
Personna "Lab Blue" Double Edge Blades, 100 per carton Not so sharp that they knick you occasionally like a Feather will, but sharp enough to get the job done. Seems to hold an edge much longer than a Feather as well. Although I do feel the Feather gives the best shave if you get it right (not in a hurry) the Personna is more forgiving, longer lasting, and darn near as sharp.
atra value
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack I have been an Atra blade user for many years. These Personna blades seem just as effective for a close shave. I just started using them, but they work great!
Personna blades
Personna Medical Prep Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pak I'm on my second set of ?? of these blades and i'm quite satisfied with how they treat my face. Very smooth shave.
Personna twin blade cartridge
Personna Twin Pivot Plus Cartridge, 10-pack Twin blade is both very effective and economical. Always was and still is. It just makes sense. More blades are unnecessary in my humble opinion.
Great blades in an economical quantity!
Personna Medical Prep Double Edge Razor Blades, 100-pak Though more expensive than the same blades offered on Amazon, I took comfort in knowing that I was paying a premium at WCS to ensure I was not receiving a counterfeit product (I have received counterfeit blades on Amazon in the past). The blades are fantastic and I look forward to enjoying them for many months to come.
Personna "Lab Blue" Double Edge Blades, 100 per carton I am still somewhat new to wet shaving. I use a Edwin Jagger DE89 & a Merkur 34C. I am still on my first Personna blades…one new in each razor….I have shaved twice with each razor. So far they seem to do the job real well.
Persona platinum blades
Red Personna Israeli Double Edge Razor Blades - UK Packaging (100 blades) These are the closet thing to Shick krona chrome blades that were the best blades I had ever used.
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