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If you have hair that's well described by the name of this Pinaud Clubman offering, you're not alone. Lots of guys have hair with a brain that has its own plans and that doesn't necessarily buy into the idea that it needs to be in any particular place. This can help. This Pinaud Clubman Hard to Hold Styling Gel is easy to work with. It manages to keep things in place without making anything look heavy, and that counts for a lot.

This will give you the kind of hold that you'd associate with pomade but has a different look when you apply it. It's not the kind of cheap gel you'd get at a department store either. It has a very distinctive consistency and makes it easy to give yourself a great style that lasts through a lot of stress and abuse. Whether you're sweaty, dealing with wind, or just have a long day, this will keep going. High end brands like this tend to have conditioners in them'as this does'and that offers a bit of protection during the day and night as well, which is another benefit.

Size: 16 oz

Made in the USA.