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  • Classic aftershave splash
  • Alcohol-based for toning and antiseptic properties
  • Scented with a unique blend of floral and musk

Since 1810, Pinaud Clubman has been producing scents and products to please discerning French men and beyond. Today the line is produced in LA but the quality and vision are the same: remain true to the brand's heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends. So you can get the latest and greatest as well as the traditional all in one brand.

This Pinaud Clubman Lilac Vegetal After Shave Lotion fragrance is distinctive. You would be hard pressed to find something quite like it. You might not think of lilac as a particularly manly fragrance, but this aftershave has a pleasant edge to it. It has floral notes, of course, but there's a little bit of musk in it, which gives it some extra weight. It's great for the skin after you are done shaving helping to tone, soothe, and prevent redness and other issues from erupting due to trauma from the razor.

The scent is complex enough to change a bit after it dries. When you splash this on, you'll feel revitalized, very awake. Overall, it has a somewhat springtime quality to it. As the product dries down however, it gets mellower. It's enough to keep you smelling good all day, but it's not cologne. For men who want something that does improve how they come off to other people but who don't really like it to be anything more than subtle, this can really prove a great option.

Size: 12 oz/355 mL

Made in the USA.

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