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  • Light to moderate hold lasting all day long
  • Does not flake or leave hair greasy, has sleek finish
  • Water based and does not flake in hair
  • Gel consisting of the good ol' classic Clubman fragrance

This is a really great brand, but Pinaud Clubman products also tend to come at a very attractive price. This one is no exception. Pinaud Clubman Styling Gel is made for men's' hair, and it's one of the more popular brands on the market. It's got the classic Clubman fragrance to it, it's light, and it has conditioners that keep your follicles healthy and somewhat protected against the harshness of the environment. It also has the kind of quality that ensures that it doesn't turn into flakes or otherwise look awful after you've had it on for a while.

This jar has 16 oz. of product, which will go a long way for guys with short hair. Guys with long locks won't need much more of the product. It does its job well and without requiring you to pile it on to get reliable hold. This is good stuff, and it doesn't make your head look all greasy. It's a good all-around option. It can give enough control for a night on the town but won't look overdone when you're going into the office or doing something very casual.

Size: 16 oz

Made in the USA.