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  • Firm, extra strength hold
  • Keeps hair shiny without having a greasy look
  • Water based

Pinaud Clubman Super Clear Gel is good for anybody's hair. If you're tired of the chemical smell of the sort of cheap products you would pick up at a grocery store, this is a great option. It offers an incredibly powerful hold, but it's not going to make your follicles look like they're very heavy or even worse... greasy. They just look like they're exactly where you wanted them to be and that can help with giving a clean and collected sort of image.

This won't start getting flaky or visible over time, which is why barbers tend to use this product or ones very much like it a lot for their clients. If you have shorter hair, using the right sort of brush along with something like this can make it very easy to get a sophisticated look in short order. The best thing about it is that whether you end up walking through the wind, the rain, or just having a good time or a nap - your style will stay in place; and with another quick brushing, you can get it exactly the way it was to begin with and be sure that you look great.

Size: 16 oz

Made in the USA.