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  • Designed just for men, Superhold Gel
  • Dries without flakes, natural look
  • Water based 

Pinaud Clubman Super Hold Styling Gel is a serious option for men who want to look their best. The great thing about using better quality items for styling is the fact that the cheapness in the stuff you get from a drugstore tends to come out when you least expect it, but that doesn't happen with these items. Many low-quality options will tend to flake and leave obvious residue on your hair after you've been wearing them for a while. That doesn't happen with products like these. These keep your follicles in place, but they don't make you look worse as the night goes on.

There are plenty of options for guys who want to do something a little more complex with their coiffure. These include very heavy products like wax that are great for people who have a hard time keeping control upstairs. There are other ways you can go with this as well, and any texture can be kept in place for the long haul. Spending a little bit of extra time treating your scalp and everything growing out of it right really pays off in the long run and makes you look much better overall.

Size: 16 oz

Made in the USA.