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Pinaud Clubman

From the beginning, you were the kid who built clubhouses and got exclusive about membership. Maybe you were the "No Girls Allowed!" type, or maybe you were the kind of clubhouse master who organized your followers around a mutual love of superheroes or a certain card game. It doesn't matter how you managed your clubs; all that matters is that you were a born Clubman, fiercely devoted to your favorite things.

Pinaud-Clubman has been producing the shaving and grooming products to inspire that devotion since 1810. With gentlemanly scents and top quality formulations, the men's grooming line that created a cult of sophistication in its native Paris has swept through barber shops and clubs worldwide. Everywhere it goes, it gathers a following as loyal as you and the old gang were to your tree fort. Who said growing up would have to mean leaving your status as a Clubman behind?

Pinaud Clubman Aftershave & Cologne
Pinaud Clubman Grooming Products
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Pinaud Clubman Reviews
Really love this stuff
Pinaud Clubman Eau de Quinine Hair Tonic .I have been using Clubman's Eau de Quinine for years. I use it primarily because it helps to smooth my itchy scalp. I don't like using harsh anti dandruff shampoos (which tend to even dry my scalp more and end up causing even more itching). After using a mild natural shampoo (usually a bar type shampoo), I massage this hair tonic into my scalp. It is totally non-greasy, yet leave my hair with a very light control.I have fine hair and a heavy or oily tonic doesn't work for me.
Looks good...
Pinaud Clubman Nick Relief I haven't nicked myself since purchasing the product, but will update the review if and when I do. Glad I have it just in case.
Fast service
Pinaud Clubman Nick Relief Great quality items received quickly
Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve
Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve Cologne I'm a big fan of all original products still being produced by companies that have been around for a hundred or so years... so old they have become unique. I've tried some of Pinaud's line, and there's a few that don't fit me.This is the first time for Special Reserve. Overall I like this one, but I will tell you to use it with caution , a touch, not a handful. This is strong medicine Kemo Sabe, and I have no doubt that it was meant to be used accordingly. It's obvious from the start that this is old time stuff, and I'm assuming that it was developed back when colognes and aftershaves did double duty as deodorants. If my theory is correct then Special Reserve certainly lives up to that . Deep, and potent with wood and spice,it ends up with a clean,dry musk.This old timer has major stamina. and it will turn you in to that kid from the Home Alone movie when you use it right after a wet shave... truth be told, that's a good thing. If your unconcerned about trendy, and like a scent that has some history hanging on it then give it a try.
Pinaud Clubman Vanilla After Shave Lotion Great scent stings when I put it on just how I like it.
Yet another excellent Pinaud Clubman product
Pinaud Clubman Greaseless Hair Tonic This greaseless hair tonic has a clean, manly, barber shop-type smell that is unique, yet characterizes many Pinaud Clubman products. It doesn't seem to have any real oily or greasy feel to it at all, but does a good job holding hair. I used "Groom & Clean" gel regularly to control my hair, and I would say Pinaud's product does not give as strong a hold as that. However, it has enough hold to do the job just fine, and is also easy to clean off and, as I said before, has a great smell. Having tried this product for the very first time with West Coast Shaving, I am glad I did and will probably order more of it in the future.
Simple effective tool
Pinaud Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil From cuts to just some minor bleeding from irritation after shaving, just wet this styptic pen and apply. Bleeding stops, problem solved.
Clubman Citrus Musk,Great Product as always
Pinaud Clubman Citrus Musk Cologne I love all Clubman products after shave/cologne,shampoo just all of it. This (Citrus Musk) is perfect in the Spring and Summer as is Lime Sec as well :-) also great customer service and great pricing makes for a great buying experience. Give it a try it won’t break the bank and for the value it’s quality is not bad at all. My favorite of the Clubman line are as follows: Clubman Classic After Shave,Shampoo,Beard and Body wash,deodorant,Talc,Vanilla,Citrus Musk,Lime Sec,Vanilla & last but not least their hair Brilantine and gel.
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