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  • Masculine, sandalwood scented bar soap
  • Cold pressed
  • Made with activated charcoal, spikenard powder pumice, and natural oils

You want to feel clean. You want to smell good. However, you don't want to smell as though you bathed in drugstore body spray or took a dive into some flowers. You are a man, you are rugged and ruggedly handsome, and that means you need the right type of soap. Portland General Store Deep Exfoliating Soap might be just the thing for you. The custom design from PGS is both luxurious and decidedly manly. This bar utilizes the cold process style of soap making, and it includes just the right scent for a guy - sandalwood.

It also features a nice dark color. You don't need those pink and peach colored offerings sitting in the shower with you. It includes activated charcoal as well, which is actually quite good for removing toxins from the skin. In addition, it works to exfoliate, which is also very good for the skin. It includes frankincense powder, spikenard powder pumice, and natural oils. So, if you want a way to get clean, smell great, and feel like a man - in the farmhouse or the urban flat, then you need a bar of Portland General Store Deep Exfoliating Soap.

Size: 114g/4oz

Made in the USA.