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  • All-natural, vegan cologne inspired by recipes from the 20s and 30s
  • Blended by hand in small batches
  • Note of cedar, spruce, hiba wood and vetiver grass are balanced with a citrusy scent of lime

This company makes scents so manly that other aromas fear them. This is one of them. Portland General Store WOOD no. 003 Eau de Toilette comes in a 15ml container that's going to make you smell like you can handle just about anything, but it's somehow refined as well. That's because the company looks back to the '20's and '30's for inspiration, updates those masculine formulas, and releases them as really unique offerings that today's men might have trouble finding from anywhere else.

This lives up to the name, having a lot of cedar notes in it. It also has some spruce, vetiver grass, lime, and hiba wood, so you will definitely give off an impression of masculinity. It is just one of the great blends form this manufacturer. You can even get soap from them named Hunting Camp, so this is not what you would describe as an effete high end product. This is for men who want to smell tough, rugged, but also very distinguished. If that's you, this brand makes a lot of products that you'll likely be very in to and that you'll want to experiment with to find just the right choice.

Size: 15ml

Made in the USA.

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