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Some would argue that conditioning your whiskers prior to shaving is the only way to ensure an easy, comfortable shave. For those of you who abide by those principles, we carry a wide variety of pre-shave products to prepare your skin for its next encounter with a sharp blade and to soften up that bristly beard.

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To reduce irritation, these products do two things; 1) soften the hair to make it easier to cut and 2) provide extra lubrication to protect the skin. Correct prep is especially useful for those with sensitive skin and thick or wiry facial hair. We offer pre-shave lotions, oils, creams, soaps, and gels for every beard type. You name it, we probably carry it! And if we don't, ask us and we'll see if we can get it in the store.

Pre-Shave Reviews
West Coast Shaving
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Pre-shave Oil, 30ml Excellent product selection, price and service. A one stop place for shave and related products.
Very Menthol-y
Edwin Jagger Natural Hydrating Pre Shave Lotion, Fragrance Free, 75ml I like the performance, but the menthol aroma interferes with my soaps.

If you like menthol by the snootful.....
Fantastic Shaving Prep
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Collection Pre-Shave Gel for Sensitive Skin 50ml I have been using the Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn St Pre-Shave Gel everyday for several years now. I use it to shave my face and head. Using it has reduced irritation, razor burn, and cuts. I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a good shave,
Best shave oil for a great price.
Village Barber 100% Pure & Natural Shaving Oil, 100ml I like a preshave oil under my lather. This is a great one that lasts and doesn't get watered down so it protects and helps to get that close shave.l
Silky smooth
Proraso Vintage Toccasana Tin: Sensitive Shaving Kit There is a reason Proraso has been around for 109 years. Simply stated, this stuff is amazing. The pre-shave conditioner is not greasy or oil. Just the perfect consistency to know it's there. The shave cream is quick to lather and the blade glides across your skin. The post shave balm is cooling and comforting without being too heavy or drying your skin. I am trying to rotate through my inventory, but keep reaching for the Proraso.

Shipping was fast. However, when my package arrived something had pierced the shipping box and dented the collectable tin beyond use.

The only other item that I questioned is the lack of a tamper resistant seal on each item.

All-in-all an excellent product to have at a fair cost.
Amazing Stuff
Pacific Shaving Shave Oil, 1/2 Ounce I'm a new wet-shaver - tried the straight razor but I couldn't master it. But I now love my safety razor - gave me a great shave but I found myself making nicks in my chin almost daily. I bought this shave oil - and I am amazed at how much smoother my shave is - and it smells great.
One of the best pre and post shaving creams
Prep Cream, tube I have been using this cream for years, and I never found a better one not only for shaving but also for general skin protection
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