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This Pre de Provence Shave Soap comes in a tin that you can use at home; or if you happen to be traveling, it's perfect for taking on the road with you. The product itself contains shea butter, a powerful ingredient for moisturizing, nurturing, and healing skin that's excellent for shaving. If you really like to keep your beard trimmed but you've been having trouble because your face doesn't seem to like the trauma of shaving very much, this is a good product to consider as a way to make the whole affair more comfortable.

The scent of this particular option is more traditional, having a clean and fresh smell to it. If you want to really ramp up the comfort level, one of the best things you can do for yourself is get a high-end razor. While using good lubricant like this with a suitable brush can really help, you do have to make certain that the blade you're actually using on your face is sharp, of a high quality, and that changing it when needed is inexpensive. You might also want to look into various aftershaves and balms as ways to make your entire experience even more pleasant.

Size: 5.25 oz /150g

Made in France.