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Pre de Provence Shea Butter Bar Soap contains a full 20% Shea butter; and given that it comes from Pre de Provence, you know that it's made to exceptionally high standards of quality. This 150g bar of soap is designed for sensitive skin. In fact, it's probably one of the best options out there if you react to cleansers with harsh ingredients. If you live in a dry climate and you're starting to have trouble with redness, cracking, flaking and the other issues that go along with dried out skin, using this could really make a difference for you.

This has what the manufacturer describes as a 'natural' scent, which means that it basically smells clean and fresh, but not like any plant or other aroma in particular. It could also be described as neutral, and that makes it very versatile, as it will be neither too masculine nor too feminine for any particular user. If you really want to pamper your body, you may want to consider products such as bath sponges, which allow you to get yourself clean without scratching and other forms of irritation. There are plenty of great options out there, and you can prevent damage rather than trying to deal with the consequences of it.

Size: 150g

Made in France.