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Pre de Provence Shaving Products Reviews
A new favorite AS Balm for winter.
Pre de Provence After Shave Balm I ordered this with a few other things and got to try it out last week. I love everything about this balm: very effective at calming razor irritation, thicker than most other balms I've tried but spreads well so it doesn't take much product to cover the face and throat, absorbs into the skin nicely so there's no greasy or sticky residue and the scent is amazing - described by a reviewer of the shave soap as "sage," I agree with that but it's more outdoors and high desert or forest-like than straight herbal sage. The only thing I'd like to change is the duration of the scent, it fades quicker than I'd like . If they offered a matching cologne I'd be in line to buy it. Pairs nicely with Chiseled Face Natural and Reef Point's "Earl Grey and Ginger" shave soaps, should also pair well with the Musgo Real Oakmoss cream I ordered as well. I highly recommend this balm.
Thick and mild texture.
Pre de Provence Shea Butter Bar Soap, 150g Great fragrance and mild texture. Very moisturizing thick lather.
Great Tool
Very nice balm, and...
Pre de Provence After Shave Balm This balm feels very good on the skin, and I am looking forward to using it more often in the cooler months ahead...when moisturizing is really essential.

That said, I found the scent much too perfumed for me. It just doesn't smell like a man's shaving product to me.

My rating targets the product's quality and effect on freshly shaven skin, and not on the fragrance.

If if worked the same, and were unscented or better scented, I'd give it a fifth star.

Just can't do it...
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key
Pre de Provence Tube Roller Key This is helpful in getting to that last little bit of product packaged in a plastic squeeze tube. (You'd be surprised "how much" is left inside sometimes!) Thanks.for the very quick shipping.
Amazing Cream, You want to Read This....
Pre de Provence No. 63 Men's Shave Cream Let me start by saying that I was shocked there were so many negative reviews of this product, then I read them and realized why that is. Many of the negative reviews mention that this cream does not produce a good lather....and they're right, but that's because it's not supposed to!

This is a cream that you spread on your face, and let it sit for a moment while you finish your preparations for your daily shave. As this cream penetrates the whiskers and skin, it creates a smooth, hydrated, slick base that your razor will literally glide over. PdP products (both this and their regular shave cream) produce an amazing shave without the hassle of building a lather. Every time I've shaved with PdP, I've had one of the closest, most comfortable, irritation and nick free shaves of my life! This is my go-to cream when I'm running a little late and need a produces a shave that's every bit as close and comfortable as any other premium cream without the extra time of building a lather (I know it doesn't take that long, when when you're running 15 minutes late and need to face Chicago rush-hour traffic, 1-2 extra minutes count)!

Don't get me wrong, I love building a lather up. Like most wet-shavers, I've become a cream-a-holic and have amassed quite the collection (much to my wife's dismay). I either own or have tried most of the highest rated creams/soaps from WCS including Crown, Cyril, TOBS, Trumper, MWF, Tabac, Proraso, and so many others....and I can tell you that PdP belongs in the top of the heap!

As for the scent, it's awesome. Musky, leathery, earthy, with a subtle hint of herbal short, it's a wonderfully manly and pleasing scent. My wife loves the scent of the No. 63 PdP. When I use it for my morning shave, she always nestles up to my neck, inhales deeply and caresses my cheek. That fact alone tells me all I need to know about this cream.

The only possibly negative thing I can say about this cream is the price. While a little goes a long way with this cream, at just 75g per tube, it's on the expensive side.

If you're looking to explore new creams, find a new great scent, pamper your face, or just need an "I'm running late" cream, try won't be disappointed!
The "balm"
Pre de Provence After Shave Balm Been shaving 50 years I shave 7 days a week have tough beard tender skin

This is the best balm I've ever used

And a little goes a long way
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