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We don't mean to brag, but West Coast Shaving is often mentioned by the media. Check out what they're saying.

Sharpologist, October 2014 - West Coast Shaving was featured in the "Piccadilly Shave Products" article.

Ictus Strategic Marketing Podcast, September 2014 - John was interviewed on this marketing podcast and told the story of West Coast Shaving's humble beginnings. Listen here and learn something new about us!

Recoil Magazine, July/August 2014 (Issue 13) - We were featured in their article titled "Straight and Narrow" about our most popular straight razors.

BAR Magazine, Summer 2014 - West Coast Shaving sponsored a Beard and Moustache competition!

Men's Journal, January 2014 - We were featured in the "How to Get a Great Haircut" article for Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight wax.

Men's Journal, October 2013 - We were featured in the "Find The Best Shaving Soaps" article for Trumper's shaving soap.

Country Living, June 2013 - Featured in the June issue of the magazine Country Living about barbershop antiques finds as a hot collecting trend.

Emma Magazine, Summer 2013 - We were featured in their Father's Day gift guide for the Izola Dopp Kit, 1919.

Mod Infusion, April 2012 - Mentioned on p. 29 of their Almond issue about the wonderful almond-scented products we carry.

Town & Country, March 2012 - Featured in the March issues of the magazine Town & Country.

Bicycling, July 2011 - Part of their Leg Shaving articles, we were mentioned on page 81 in "The Rite Tools."

New York Times Style Magazine, March 2011 - Hover over "K" and "U" for references to our store. - Andy Tarnoff has been documenting his entry into wet shaving and mentioned West Coast Shaving in his latest article. It's great to get inside the mind of someone new to traditional shaving.

The David Magee Show - John was recently a guest on this popular business and current events television and radio show. Click on the link to hear the entire interview about wet shaving and small business talk.

Chicago Tribune - We were mentioned in an article by Gregory Karp about the cost savings of DE shaving. This article, and some variations were republished a number of places, including The Journal Sentinel. - We've been mentioned a number of times on this fantastic men's site. We like them so much we've sponsored two contests. - We were featured in the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide from the American Mustache Institute.