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Why choose the same cleaner that everyone else is using? You don't need to spend hours in the grocery store looking at the cleansers on the shelves that are just full of harsh chemicals and scents, at least not when you start considering some quality alternatives. If you want to use something that's different, but that will get you nice and clean, then consider Prospector Co. Miners Mud Soap Bar.

Try Something Different.

What is it? It's called Ose-Dudu, an African black soap. They make it from the ash of plants and bark, which means that it is full of minerals and vitamins. Even better, it doesn't have any animal products in it, and it was never tested on animals. People use this for a number of reasons. It helps you feel clean, it can help with acne, and it can help to even out your skin tone.

When you want something that is a bit different, the mud soap bar is a good option. It's perfect whether you are getting ready for the day. It can also be nice to help you wash away the stress and trouble of a long hard day at work. Put it to use!

Ingredients: Ose-dudu, Glycerin, Palm Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Activated Charcoal, Palm Acid.

Size: 6 oz

Made in the USA.